No words



Dishonesty and Mistrust

My past has nothing to do with my present love affair with you. You have been dishonest about little things and I can’t help but feel paranoid everytime you go out or fail to reply to me. I would always feel something different whenever we are not together. I know that I shouldn’t be looking at your phone or be asking you things that spell mistrust but you’ve failed on honesty tests a few times already. I don’t know why I don’t feel assured of your love despite your grand gestures, sweet words and superhuman efforts. Maybe I really don’t need those grand things, maybe what I need is assurance, and security. I can trust you when we’re together but how about when we’re not. 

Letting Your Guard Down

You can’t be smart and intelligent and in love all at the same time. It won’t work.

Choose Your Battles

I quote my bestfriend. She is right.